Our Brain is Obtuse

And that's our excuse. This is our name, Banana Moose.

Rather than wear your wealth for warmth with a logo for your ego, try something a little absurd instead and get back to Banana Moose Basics.

New Arrivals

Simple patch

Cyber monday deal! Embroidered patch with adhesive backing. Just $5 for product with free shipping. 

*Only ships to DMC & Friends. Product will be shipped out in early 2020. 

All profits will go to the National Alliance to End Homelessness (91% on Charity Navigator). How will this work? I will send all the store profits to the charity. Yes, I wish I could automate it from the storefront, haven't figured that out yet. If that doesn't float your boat, donate directly! 😃


More products.

More moose materials, most memorable!  

Material Moose