Our History

Founded in a small brain in Somerville Massachusetts almost sixty days ago, Banana Moose has grown into one of the world's leading makers of Banana Moose products.


Why Banana Moose?

We get asked that a lot.

But why Banana Moose?

Sure do get asked that a lot! 

Bananas and Moose together may seem as outlandish as wearing luxury arctic wear to a Starbucks, but it makes more sense if you think about it. Moose are found across Canada, in every province and territory except for Prince Edward Island. Just like bananas. Their combination is so rare that it truly means something special.  

I still don't get what you do.

 Yeah, well we don't get why that guy on the subway is wearing a $1,000 arctic jacket with suit pants when it's 40 F out. What we do get is that it's important to help others, so you should check out our buy or sustain a billy page. 

What would I tell a lawyer if they need to define your company?

Our class of goods are in the home and accessory space. We are not an outerwear company, nor do we operate in that space!